Our Story

As a survivor of domestic violence and a person who battled years of depression I relied heavily during my healing journey on words of empowerment. The biggest mistake my support system did was tell me to just get over it and move on with my life.

What I needed the most to hear from them was just try to heal when you are ready. Being a trauma survivor you spend years of your power being stripped away. To heal I wanted to regain power of myself and heal when I was ready and heal in my own unique way. I used words of affirmation, positive quotes, and funny quotes to heal. I journaled everyday and prayed every chance I got. I am finally regaining self control of my life.

Today, I am still healing. This will be a long journey but this next step in my journey is empowering others. Whether you are healing, healed, or don't know where to start. Try to heal products will serve as a daily boost to help begin to heal.

Whether you are a survivor like me, struggling with your mental health, or just need a pick me up throughout the day. Try to heal products will uplift you!

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